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Wedding Art: Flamingos?!

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THAT’S RIGHT! New on the site this week we have an absolute first in Anniversary & Wedding Art… Flamingos. Whether you’re a big fan of the tropical style, an animal lover, or simply love flamingos — this work of art is the perfect design to capture your love and style. After all, these unique and funky birds are truly one of a kind, just like you and your partner should be! Make your custom order here…



Flamingo Love

Awesome Wedding Art: A Classic Silhouette!

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We love all of our designs, but this week’s favorite is by far the Lovers’ Silhouette! The couple kissing to the side with a beautiful vine and floral framing… this work of art just screams romance. The classic black and white style captures the beauty and timeless style of the Wedding & Anniversary Art Tradition as well. We can’t think of any better way to remember the day you said “I Do” with a romantic work of art with your wedding vows. Buy this design here!

An Awesome Same-Sex Wedding Gift: Hers & Hers Hand Towels!

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 We love searching for gorgeous, unique wedding gifts — whether you and your partner are getting married or you’re searching for the perfect gift to give a friend! These Bride & Bride hand towels are the perfect way to start out Happily Ever After. We’re absolutely in love with them… and we’re sure you’ll love them as well! Buy these towels here!

Our Favorite Same-Sex Wedding Invitations

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We’ve had tons of couples ask us for Wedding Invite suggestions before, and although we love to create awesome works of art for couples, we don’t know too much about the invitation world! Other times we’ve had couples send us their invites and ask us to create something that matches, but isn’t EXACTLY the same. Either way, these are by FAR some of our favorites!

Nothing is sweeter than combining a childhood toy into your wedding… okay, maybe it’s an adult toy too. Great for those couples that want something sweet, unique, and a touch of fun! Order these Wedding Invites here!


Looking to go a more traditional route? These classically red Wedding Invites with you and your partner as cartoons will be the perfect way to invite your guests to your big day! Order these Wedding Invites here!


Sometimes something classic and clean is best! These invites are the great minimalist style with just a pop of color. Order these Wedding Invites here!


With a romantic black, white, and red theme, these invites contain a perfect blend of design and color. Whether you’re Groom & Groom, or Bride & Bride, these invites are a beautiful and simple route to take! Order these Wedding Invites here!


Wedding Art: Show the Depths of your Love!

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We love creating designs that truly represent a couple’s style and interests! And for us… the more unique — the better. Nothing gives us greater joy than getting the opportunity (or even just inspiration) to create a brand new design with a beautiful theme. We just launched the Sea of Love this week… perfect for the couples that love wildlife, adventure, and scuba diving! Looking for something different? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line — we’re always looking for an opportunity to create something completely unique!


Vintage Wedding Art: French Inspired

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wedding art


We love holding true to classic vintage Wedding and Anniversary art traditions — like this clip art above! This gorgeous art piece actually came from a French magazine called Le Petit Echo de la Mode in 1895. We pull from classic tradition, but update it to be completely modern and unique! Between the black and white color palette and the fun, romantic touches, this work of art contains all the beauty and heart of vintage wedding art.

Wedding Art: Combining Your Culture & Style!

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Our team loves being able to create something new and unique for couples — especially if it has a particular cultural significance! When brainstorming and coming up with ideas we stumbled upon the ever popular Claddagh, and were super excited to read about its’ Celtic heritage. We then came up with this new, gorgeous design — The Claddagh Love. We love its’ super detailed vines weaving into the Claddagh hands and heart. And of course, the black and white colors make for the perfect romantic touch! Love this design? Make your Custom Order Here, or Contact Us about creating your PERFECT wedding art design!

Hang Your Stuff Here – Awesome Mrs. & Mrs. Wedding Gift!

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Nothing quite says “Welcome to Married Life” like matching coat hooks! This stunning hook is vintage spoon turned coat hook, stamped with a Mrs. & Mrs (– also available in Mr. & Mr.), to make for the perfect romantic touch. Wether you’re getting married or you’re looking for a friend soon to be wed, these will make for the perfect, fun and quirky vintage-style wedding gift. Buy these here! 

Make it a complete set with the Noir et Blanc Wedding Art piece! This stunning design features a black and white silhouette of two brides — a gorgeous vintage style work of art to represent the beauty of commitment and love!

Groom & Groom Koozies!

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The Art for Lovers Team is so excited it’s officially Summer, because you know what that means… WEDDINGS! And of course vacation, warm weather, and more importantly — the beach. We love the idea of giving gifts to couples that not only have special significant meaning, but something that they’ll use, love, and ultimately — remind them of one of the best days of their lives. Our favorite Summer Wedding Gift pick this week is definitely this adorable Groom & Groom koozie set! Wether you’re looking for something to include in a gift set, or just something small and fun — this is the perfect gift to encompass love, summer, and of course… a good, cold beer! Also available in Bride & Bride and Bride & Groom — get your custom order here!

Simply Stunning — Couples in Victorian Art

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Taken from  an antique Victorian book, this wooden block print features a couple in their day-to-day life. We love this art piece for not only its’ classic black and white romantic feel, but as a gorgeous inspiration for Wedding & Anniversary couples art. This stunning art piece is a classic example of earliest art pieces that feature couples, wether it’s an anniversary, wedding, or just a classic day in the life of a married couple!

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