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Date: November 5, 2014 » posted by Autumn » Comments: No Comments Tags: There is no tags

Date nights can take many forms, but there are some classic, often returned to, staples, such as a candle-lit dinner, a movie at the local theatre, or an art gallery. Those who live far from the buzz of a city centre though may find it few and far between to fulfil the gallery date…

That is until recent times and the introduction of online browsing and gallery views. So whilst some of the atmospheric sentiment may be lost, there is now all the art you could wish for at the touch of a screen! Why not go to a local park, or by a stream, or even just into the garden, and sit together and view some wonderful online romantic art on a a social media site, where you can even comment, or post your own art, and join in the art community. Here’s a link to get you started!