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Introducing Art for Lovers: The First Website Dedicated to Wedding and Anniversary Art

Date: July 23, 2013 » posted by Morgan F » Comments: No Comments Tags: There is no tags

Welcome to Art for Lovers — this is the first web site dedicated to high-quality wedding and anniversary art!

Art for Lovers is continuing an ancient tradition in which couples would get portraits of each other and their family to celebrate their wedding, anniversary, and other love-filled occasions. This tradition has largely died and we are proud to keep it alive.

In particular, we are proud to focus on the following:

  • Creating wedding art, to celebrate a couple’s wedding.
  • Creating anniversary art, to celebrate your anniversary!
  • Art gifts, for weddings are anniversaries — we’ll work with the couple to create the perfect art to celebrate their wedding or anniversary, that they can hang on their walls forever more!

We offer a variety of options for each couple. We can create a piece of art they see on the site, as is — or we can change it to look just like them or any other change!

We also love changing the colors and art itself to match a couple’s preferences!

We’ve just passed the 500 mark of the number of couples we’ve worked with–it’s about time we created a website for Art for Lovers! Here we are, and we’d love to help you create the perfect gift for your, or your friends’, wedding or anniversary!