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Our Favorite Same-Sex Wedding Invitations

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We’ve had tons of couples ask us for Wedding Invite suggestions before, and although we love to create awesome works of art for couples, we don’t know too much about the invitation world! Other times we’ve had couples send us their invites and ask us to create something that matches, but isn’t EXACTLY the same. Either way, these are by FAR some of our favorites!

Nothing is sweeter than combining a childhood toy into your wedding… okay, maybe it’s an adult toy too. Great for those couples that want something sweet, unique, and a touch of fun! Order these Wedding Invites here!


Looking to go a more traditional route? These classically red Wedding Invites with you and your partner as cartoons will be the perfect way to invite your guests to your big day! Order these Wedding Invites here!


Sometimes something classic and clean is best! These invites are the great minimalist style with just a pop of color. Order these Wedding Invites here!


With a romantic black, white, and red theme, these invites contain a perfect blend of design and color. Whether you’re Groom & Groom, or Bride & Bride, these invites are a beautiful and simple route to take! Order these Wedding Invites here!


Wedding Art: Show the Depths of your Love!

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We love creating designs that truly represent a couple’s style and interests! And for us… the more unique — the better. Nothing gives us greater joy than getting the opportunity (or even just inspiration) to create a brand new design with a beautiful theme. We just launched the Sea of Love this week… perfect for the couples that love wildlife, adventure, and scuba diving! Looking for something different? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line — we’re always looking for an opportunity to create something completely unique!


Simply Stunning — Couples in Victorian Art

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Taken from  an antique Victorian book, this wooden block print features a couple in their day-to-day life. We love this art piece for not only its’ classic black and white romantic feel, but as a gorgeous inspiration for Wedding & Anniversary couples art. This stunning art piece is a classic example of earliest art pieces that feature couples, wether it’s an anniversary, wedding, or just a classic day in the life of a married couple!

Wedding Day Touches: With an LGBT Twist!

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1. His Spoon

Perfect for the wedding day coffee break, these his & his spoons are absolutely adorable. Not only do we love that you can keep them after the big day, but that they have mugs to match! Click here to make an order!


2. Madame Fork

These stunning forks will beautifully match any wedding theme. Rather than the classic “Hers & Hers”, these forks have Madame and Madame — and of course, make beautiful keepsakes! Click here to make an order!


3. Groom & Groom Congrats

We’re so in love with these simple, yet fun style wedding cards. These cards will add an extra special touch — wether you’re looking for the perfect card to go with your wedding gift or just want to simply send a Congrats! Click here to make an order!


4. Groom & Groom Congrats

Wedding favors are the perfect place to add a special touch to your big day! These bags are the perfect Mrs. & Mrs. gifts to all your guests — and of course, are the perfect bag to fill with chocolate. Click here to make an order!


4. Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

We love the idea of bringing back wedding cake toppers, but with a modern twist of course! These adorable Peg Doll wedding cake toppers can be personalized to your style and look — and available in His & His and Hers & Hers. Click here to make an order!


4. Personalized Wedding Platter

Wether you use it for a dessert platter the day of, to have on display, or to use for your wedding cake — we’re definitely in love with this platter! With options to personalize names, dates, and style, this platter makes the perfect unique touch to your big day. Click here to make an order!


Phone Cases for Mrs. & Mrs.

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Looking for wedding gifts can be hard enough — especially if you’re looking for something unique! We are SO in love with this adorable Mrs. & Mrs. phone case. It’s the perfect modern gift for the modern couple, that can also be used whenever the mood is right. Not only are they customizable for names and optional anniversary date, but there are also tons of color and font options! And for non iPhone users: not to worry — this shop doesn’t discriminate! These awesome cases are also available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4. Wether you’re prowling the internet for the perfect gift, or looking for something not run-of-the-mill to put on your registry, we absolutely recommend these fun and romantic phone cases. Buy this case here!

Top Ten Wedding Board Alternatives and Ideas

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1. Monogram Signing

Such a cute and fun way to commemorate the big day with your loved ones. Take the monogram of your last name (or both first names) and have everyone sign your letter. We love how this couple included it in their wedding photos. Take a look here for Monogram orders!


2. Picture Board

Get even more personal with your signing book alternative with photos, text, and a stunning frame to top it off! Not only can you walk away with a unique memoir to hang on your wall, but it makes for a beautiful sign to welcome people to your ceremony and/or reception. Take a look here for custom orders!


3. Thumbprint Stamp Art

Get personal with your Wedding Board — thumbprint personal! We love how simple this idea is: different colored stamp pads and a gorgeous design with names and a date. The colorful fingerprints integrate beautifully with the minimalist design. Take a look here for custom orders or here for other thumbprint board ideas!


4. My Advice Tags

Well THESE could get interesting! Rather than a simple “Best Wishes” note, we love the idea of letting your guests have a little fun with it. Take a look here to make an order!


5. A Good Luck Tree

Not only does it look esthetically gorgeous, but it is such a simple, easy DIY project! We love the idea of doing it with real tree branches, but the possibilities are endless as far as what you want to use as your “tree”. Take a look here for ways to make your Good Luck Tree possible!


6. Signing Poster Frame

Signing Posters Frames are the perfect way to combine romance, unique touches, and beautiful design into the perfect wedding memoir! Each heart can be a place where each one of your guests signs — and we love the idea of making it as unique as possible. Click here to find more out about standard and custom orders!


7. Cork Signings

Even better than the idea itself, we LOVE the process of getting all those wine corks! Especially mixing in some wine corks from your favorite past wines with some standard ones from any craft store. For those who aren’t big wine drinkers,  take a look here for other signing items that are more “personal” to you!


8. Plate Deco Signing

Not only will you be able to hang these plates on the wall (or display in a cabinet), but the possibilities are endless as far as being able to buy various plate designs or styles! We especially love this idea for the ease of getting something last minute. Take a look here for Plate Signing options!

images (1)

9. Map Signing

So fun to not just have the signatures, but include a little state pride in your Wedding Guest memoir! We love putting this at the front of your reception as a way to welcome people in. Take a look here on how to make this possible!


10. Rock Signing

Similar to the Cork Signing, we love the idea of how the rock signing will look during and after the wedding! Perfect for more outdoor style weddings, and would also look beautiful in a decorative pot or bowl for a wedding memoir decoration. Take a look here for similar inspirations!

Good Morning Mr. and Mr.!

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mrandmr personalized_mr_mr_mugs-r436a512bc204484fa03fd35223599e7b_x7j1z_8byvr_512

We are passionate about art, and even MORE so about weddings! Not only do we want to share with you gorgeous designs and beautiful Wedding and Anniversary art pieces, but we also want to share ideas, gifts, and inspirations that you’ll absolutely adore! If you haven’t seen already we have an exclusive Same-Sex Wedding Art section with designs specifically created for Bride and Bride, as well as Groom and Groom. We want to create art that you’ll absolutely fall in love with, and we want to do so for every couple out there!

To kick off our fabulous and awesome gift ideas, we decided to start with this cute Mr. and Mr. mug. Not only is it nice to have that sweet little reminder of the day you said “I Do”, but it’s even better when it’s something that you use daily (or if you’re like us… a few times a day!). We found this mug from Zazzle and of course it can be personalized to your wedding date and there are various styles. Take a look here!

Why Wedding or Anniversary Art?

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Why would anyone want to buy a work of art to celebrate their wedding or anniversary?

There are a few possible reasons.

One is, it is a unique gift — who else does that these days? No one!

Another reason is, it is a great, classic tradition. Couples have been creating art to commemorate their wedding or anniversary for centuries. Continuing ancient traditions is very powerful; like going to an old school, or joining a society that has been around for centuries, it gives us a sense of continuity and tradition.

Yet another reason is, it is not something that disappears into the closet that you might think about once per year — which is what happens with most gifts. Instead, it is something you hang in your house and you see every single day — to get this constant reminder of your love and your partnership!

A fourth reason is that, it is unique work of art, not just a replica — the art can be changed, the colors can be changed, to create a piece like those which no one else has. With the colors, the style, the art — even the couple looking like you! — this will be a work of art that no one else in the universe has ever seen or has!

Do you want more reasons? We have more:

Fifth: we give 10% of all the money we make to two orphanages in Argentina. What better way to celebrate your love than to help the children who need it the most?

Sixth: our art is created by a group of artists in Buenos Aires — so you’re helping give opportunities to artists in developing countries that have limited opportunities in the global market.

Still want more?

You should give us an email or call to say hi, and you can even see our work in person! We’re friendly and love working very closely with each and every one of our couples!

If you happen to be in Buenos AIres, we’ll invite you for a drink! Our treat!

Introducing Art for Lovers: The First Website Dedicated to Wedding and Anniversary Art

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Welcome to Art for Lovers — this is the first web site dedicated to high-quality wedding and anniversary art!

Art for Lovers is continuing an ancient tradition in which couples would get portraits of each other and their family to celebrate their wedding, anniversary, and other love-filled occasions. This tradition has largely died and we are proud to keep it alive.

In particular, we are proud to focus on the following:

  • Creating wedding art, to celebrate a couple’s wedding.
  • Creating anniversary art, to celebrate your anniversary!
  • Art gifts, for weddings are anniversaries — we’ll work with the couple to create the perfect art to celebrate their wedding or anniversary, that they can hang on their walls forever more!

We offer a variety of options for each couple. We can create a piece of art they see on the site, as is — or we can change it to look just like them or any other change!

We also love changing the colors and art itself to match a couple’s preferences!

We’ve just passed the 500 mark of the number of couples we’ve worked with–it’s about time we created a website for Art for Lovers! Here we are, and we’d love to help you create the perfect gift for your, or your friends’, wedding or anniversary!

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