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Classic Wedding Art: A Greco-Roman Wedding Celebration

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With a gorgeous, expansive landscape, this classic wedding art piece exhibits a groom and his bride-to-be, clearly painted with a heavy Greco-Roman influence. Although created somewhere during the 18th Century, and later refurbished, this work of art demonstrates the very core of the classic Wedding Art Tradition. The scenery may be drastically different, but the romance and love is still the same!

French Artist François Boucher: The Beautiful Kitchen (18th Century)

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The beautiful kitchen - Oil Painting by French Artist François Boucher 18th Century


This stunning work of art from French 18th Century artist François Boucher exemplifies all the stunning qualities of the Anniversary & Wedding Art tradition. A couple in a love embrace with rich colors and gorgeous detail. Although we are all about creating designs with a more updated and modern style, we still adore classic Anniversary & Wedding Art pieces!

Vintage Wedding Art: French Inspired

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wedding art


We love holding true to classic vintage Wedding and Anniversary art traditions -- like this clip art above! This gorgeous art piece actually came from a French magazine called Le Petit Echo de la Mode in 1895. We pull from classic tradition, but update it to be completely modern and unique! Between the black and white color palette and the fun, romantic touches, this work of art contains all the beauty and heart of vintage wedding art.

Simply Stunning -- Couples in Victorian Art

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Taken from  an antique Victorian book, this wooden block print features a couple in their day-to-day life. We love this art piece for not only its' classic black and white romantic feel, but as a gorgeous inspiration for Wedding & Anniversary couples art. This stunning art piece is a classic example of earliest art pieces that feature couples, wether it's an anniversary, wedding, or just a classic day in the life of a married couple!

A Nineteenth Century Couple: Theodore Dwight Weld and Angelina Grimke

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Theodore Dwight Weld and Angelina Grimke began courting in 1838. This gorgeous art piece beautifully captures this couple and the beauty of their relationship and love. The landscape and surroundings add the perfect backdrop for this already romantic scene. This work of art is a beautiful tribute to the tradition of Wedding and Anniversary art -- a unique design that will not only capture your style, but your love as well!

Mr and Mrs William Hallett: “The Morning Walk”

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18th Century English artist Thomas Gainsborough was known for his stunning and emotional works of art, filled with portraits and landscapes. Rejecting academic though Gainsborough created through his own will and style, utilizing quick and easy strokes and a light color palette. Gainsborough's works of art often blended his subjects to their scenery and surrounding, as seen above in the "The Morning Walk", a portrait of Mr. and Mrs. William Hallett. With such delicate colors and subtle romantic touches, this art piece is a beautiful tribute of classic Wedding Art!

Victorian Post Card

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This Victorian style post card contains so much color, as well as a beautiful style. Such a beautiful tribute to vintage style couple art, the couple pictured here is so subtly romantic. The way the woman is looking off to the side and the husband glances down on her -- it's simply breathtaking! Of course, as dog lovers, we love that dogs were included in vintage art and love to continue doing so today!

Hands Across the Sea (1908): Vintage Postcard - Modern Inspiration!

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This vintage postcard was said to have been mailed from New Jersey to Cornwall, England in 1908. With the man and woman reaching out towards each other it isn't hard to guess that this couple was separated by thousands of miles! Now of course we have all sorts of means to communicate to a love that is far away, but the sentiment is the same -- the love that is there, but absent. This postcard is a beautiful demonstration of vintage style couples in historical artwork. We love the idea of using the vibrant backgrounds and scenery as a source of inspiration for more modern couple art!

Jan van Musschenbroek and His Wife (1640-1691)

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Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 16.30.42

A Classic Couple of the 16th Century Jan van Musschenbroek and his wife embody the core of not just Wedding Art, but couple art in general. The delicate background with gorgeous color highlights and brings central focus to the couple. This work of art truly ties in the couple's life and style, they even include their instruments in pets -- a true unique and personal work of art!

Classic Wedding Art: "The Alarm" by Jean Francois de Troy (1723)

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Jean Francois de Troy was known as a Rococo artist and tapestry designer, although within his artistic style, he was best known for his heavy sensual style throughout his pieces, like the one seen above. This painting, The Alarm shows a classic 18th Century couple perhaps on their wedding day, or maybe even sneaking off for some alone time. The gorgeous colors and romantic overtones are complimentary and a beautiful reflection of Traditional Wedding and Anniversary art.

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