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Wedding Day Touches: With an LGBT Twist!

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1. His Spoon

Perfect for the wedding day coffee break, these his & his spoons are absolutely adorable. Not only do we love that you can keep them after the big day, but that they have mugs to match! Click here to make an order!


2. Madame Fork

These stunning forks will beautifully match any wedding theme. Rather than the classic “Hers & Hers”, these forks have Madame and Madame — and of course, make beautiful keepsakes! Click here to make an order!


3. Groom & Groom Congrats

We’re so in love with these simple, yet fun style wedding cards. These cards will add an extra special touch — wether you’re looking for the perfect card to go with your wedding gift or just want to simply send a Congrats! Click here to make an order!


4. Groom & Groom Congrats

Wedding favors are the perfect place to add a special touch to your big day! These bags are the perfect Mrs. & Mrs. gifts to all your guests — and of course, are the perfect bag to fill with chocolate. Click here to make an order!


4. Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

We love the idea of bringing back wedding cake toppers, but with a modern twist of course! These adorable Peg Doll wedding cake toppers can be personalized to your style and look — and available in His & His and Hers & Hers. Click here to make an order!


4. Personalized Wedding Platter

Wether you use it for a dessert platter the day of, to have on display, or to use for your wedding cake — we’re definitely in love with this platter! With options to personalize names, dates, and style, this platter makes the perfect unique touch to your big day. Click here to make an order!