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Why Wedding or Anniversary Art?

Date: July 30, 2013 » posted by Morgan F » Comments: No Comments Tags: There is no tags

Why would anyone want to buy a work of art to celebrate their wedding or anniversary?

There are a few possible reasons.

One is, it is a unique gift — who else does that these days? No one!

Another reason is, it is a great, classic tradition. Couples have been creating art to commemorate their wedding or anniversary for centuries. Continuing ancient traditions is very powerful; like going to an old school, or joining a society that has been around for centuries, it gives us a sense of continuity and tradition.

Yet another reason is, it is not something that disappears into the closet that you might think about once per year — which is what happens with most gifts. Instead, it is something you hang in your house and you see every single day — to get this constant reminder of your love and your partnership!

A fourth reason is that, it is unique work of art, not just a replica — the art can be changed, the colors can be changed, to create a piece like those which no one else has. With the colors, the style, the art — even the couple looking like you! — this will be a work of art that no one else in the universe has ever seen or has!

Do you want more reasons? We have more:

Fifth: we give 10% of all the money we make to two orphanages in Argentina. What better way to celebrate your love than to help the children who need it the most?

Sixth: our art is created by a group of artists in Buenos Aires — so you’re helping give opportunities to artists in developing countries that have limited opportunities in the global market.

Still want more?

You should give us an email or call to say hi, and you can even see our work in person! We’re friendly and love working very closely with each and every one of our couples!

If you happen to be in Buenos AIres, we’ll invite you for a drink! Our treat!